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  1. Elasticsearch consultancy
    Elasticsearch consultancy

    Ecommerce product recommendation

    Elasticsearch can create dynamic product recommendations for ecommerce users, based upon the purchase history of other users.

    Fraud Detection

    Analisis of credit card history, can provide insights in possible causes of dataleaks

    Product Failure Analysis

    Aggregate and time series analysis of causes of failure, discover which designs or models have greatest vulnerablilities.

    IoT data analyis

    Store large volumes of sensor data. Create dashboards using Kibana to aggregate and analyse data.

    Big data text search

    Create big data repositories optimized for fast text search.

    Interface with Other Applications

    Use python clients to interface elasticsearch with web and other business applications

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  2. Digital Marketing Strategy for Industrial Companies
    Digital Marketing Strategy for Industrial Companies

    You know that digital marketing strategy is a critical part of your success. At smart factory, we know that selling industrial products in a B2B channel is requires a different approach.

    • How do you attract qualified buyers and engineers to your web?
    • Which search engines are relevant in different countries?
    • How to lever industrial market places such as Amazon, Ariba, and Woohub to reach new customers.
    • How to develop a manageable digital strategy while avoiding getting locked in to obsolete technologies.
    • How to measure whether your strategy is giving the expected results?
    • How not to put at risk our traditional off-line business.
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  3. Google Analytics
    Google Analytics

    Google analytics provides you with a tool to determine who is visiting your web, how they got there, and most importantly can show you whether they are interested in the content you provide, tracking their progress through your web towards your business goal which may be reaching a customer contact page, or making a purchase on your ecommerce site.  We can work on site if you are in the Barcelona area, or by telephone/web.

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  4. Native English Industrial Content Marketing
    Native English Industrial Content Marketing
    Based on the results of analytics, our native English speaking industrial content marketing experts can propose search key words, and help you to write relevant engaging content for your web email campaigns while at the same time improving your google page rank. Learn More
  5. Customer Q and A Forum
    Customer Q and A Forum

    Adding a question and answer forum is a good way to encourage customer interaction while creating an ever growing community and knowledge base for your product.

    How Does a Q and A forum work

    Customers and distributors make public requests for help on applications installation or repairs for your products. Technicians and other qualified users may reply in the same web format.

    You may authorize all users or qualified users such as your distributors and service technicians to join in the debate and make their contributions. In this case it is recommended to have an in house moderator to ensure that the proposals remain constructive and to prevent abuse.

    New users can automatically search past requests for help with their problem, saving your staff time in replying to the same question over again.

    Prospective customers also value the help and support of a community of users around a product. This is particularly important with service and maintenance communities where often the proposals for product improvement or better ways to repair the product often come from the users and maintainers themselves rather than the manufacturers own technicians.

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  6. Knowledge Base Software
    Knowledge Base Software

    Build your own knowledge base

    With a web based knowledge base, you can collaborate with your employees, customers or suppliers in a public or private web based software.


    • Configurable access for reading/ writing
    • Public or private
    • Collaboratively build content
    • Complete document history maintained on line
    • Simple intuitive web interface for editing pages
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  7. Customized E Commerce for Industrial Companies
    Customized E Commerce for Industrial Companies

    From €1,800.00

    To €3,000.00

    Add this product to your shopping cart, and you will then be able to get a complete detailed quote for the configuration you require clicking on the options for language, hosting and product configuration.

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  8. Wordpress web site
    Wordpress web site

    Wordpress is the most widely used content management software for building websites in the world. Using a wordpress site you can easily add your own content or news to your site whenever you require without depending upon your website designers to do so. A wordpress site can easily be adapted to your own look and feel and is a good low cost way to build a web or blog where ecommerce is not required.

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