Digital Marketing Strategy for Industrial Companies

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Marketing digital para empresas industriales barcelona

You know that digital marketing strategy is a critical part of your success. At smart factory, we know that selling industrial products in a B2B channel is requires a different approach.

  • How do you attract qualified buyers and engineers to your web?
  • Which search engines are relevant in different countries?
  • How to lever industrial market places such as Amazon, Ariba, and Woohub to reach new customers.
  • How to develop a manageable digital strategy while avoiding getting locked in to obsolete technologies.
  • How to measure whether your strategy is giving the expected results?
  • How not to put at risk our traditional off-line business.

Keys To Digital Marketing Success

Analytics Driven

We work with you to ensure that the actions you take are producing the desired results. It is important to define your digital goals, and to track your company progress towards their achievement, in terms of quantity and quality of web visits, and also in terms of how long visitors spend on your site, and whether take certain key actions like purchasing products on your ecommerce or downloading a catalogue.

Relevant quality content

You must define a strategy to generate attractive and relevant content to attract and encourage your web audience to become customers.

Company wide Digital culture

Digital transformation is changing the way products are conceived, designed, produced, distributed and marketed, and the way companies are managed. The internet of things and artificial intelligence are changing business models. Innovation is basic to success in all areas of company activity. Those that embrace change will be in a stronger position to compete and succeed.

Customer driven web tools

There are a growing number of tools available to help you provide your customers the information they need, and to interact with your company. Application search tools, knowledge bases, customer forums, product configurators, and the use of video and 3d graphics are increasingly being used by companies to provide their customers with the information they need, and to provide their customers with a convenient interface to find information around the clock.

Use of Marketplaces to Maximize Digital Distribution

Just as like traditional distribution, there are many other digital players who can help extend your distribution reach. On line marketers, distributors and marketplaces should all be considered as part of your digital strategy.

Controlled Digital Advertising

With digital marketing it is possible for you to accurately evaluate the profitability of your on line advertising, to determine return on investment of each medium used, and to adapt and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Barcelona - A strong digital brand

There are many opportunities to develop new digital products which are complementary to your existing product offer in collaboration with a growing eco system of digital companies in Barcelona.

E- Commerce

Today's E commerce tools go well beyond a simple web shop. Selecting the right tool will enable you to interface with on line distributors, to set up your own marketplace to provide your distributors with E commerce based on your product offering or to set up a number of different websites using different branding, but based on a single product database.

Include traditional distribution in our digital strategy

In a very short period of time there will be little sense in maintaining a distinction between digital and non digital marketing, since there will be a convergence and merging of the channels.  However we must minimize the disruption that can be caused by the digital channel, working  with our traditional channel partners to include them in our digital strategy, anticipate their reactions, and also be prepared to respond to our customers as they too develop their own digital distribution.

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