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Google Analytics

Google analytics provides you with a tool to determine who is visiting your web, how they got there, and most importantly can show you whether they are interested in the content you provide, tracking their progress through your web towards your business goal which may be reaching a customer contact page, or making a purchase on your ecommerce site.  We can work on site if you are in the Barcelona area, or by telephone/web.

The phases in a google analytics project are the following:

Setup Google Analytics

We need to get your web designers to include a simple piece of tracking code on your webs, and setup your google analytics account with filters so that robots do not distort your statistics, and to ensure that the right people in your organization have access to your data.

Define Business Objectives

We will work with you to define objectives such as euros spent in your ecommerce, videos watched, documents downloaded, or registration for your newsletter. These objectives will be setup in the analytics software.

Setup reporting dashboards

Reports will be setup via dashboards or email so that the people you define in your organization will have access to the information.

From Barcelona to the World

It is important to know there your customers are coming from, to ensure that your adquisition strategy is correct, and also to adapt your content and language accordingly. If you are selling local services in Barcelona, then you may not be interested in audience from Portugal. On the other hand, if you have an exportable product, then you may want to consider developing content in Portuguese.

Propose improvements to web design to improve client engagement

Based on the contents of the reports we will make recommendations for improvements, such as the following:

  • Content may not be relevant to the search terms used to find the content
  • Content may take too long to load due to technical problems with the site or servers
  • The web may not be optimized for the screen size
  • Content should include "call to action" to encourage the user to click on another link which will lead you closer to reaching your business objective (a purchase, or downloading a brochure)
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