Magento Product Import from excel sql or other data source

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Magento Importar catálogo desde excel o sql

Process to Load Product Catalogue Data from Excel or similar to Magento

  • Analisis of the way that the products are to be presented and searched in the e commerce catalogue.
  • Definition of the product attributes required.
  • Analisis of existing data sources (excel, sql, csv)
  • Definition of templates to be completed with any missing data by customer
  • Dry run (non live) The data is loaded into the database and presented for checking by the customer.
  • Following any corrections the data is re loaded, and the products go live on the E commerce site.

The creation and maintenance of a product catalogue can be time consuming and it is important to spend some time in planning  before starting the process. In particular we must consider the following:

Catalogue Product Search in Magento

How is the end user going to search for their products, and how can they navegate easily through the product catalogue to find the products they are interested in.

Category Search

By placing a logical category structure, then the user can carry out structured searches through the categories they are interested in.  By defining the right tree structure of products, then it will be easier for the user to navegate through the menus on the web store.

Attribute Search

We can define attributes which the user can use to filter searches for a certain category or sub category of products, for example the material, measurements or applications.

Product Configuration

For more sophisticated products, such as industrial equipment or machinery it may be appropriate to provide the customers with options to configure their own product, based upon pre-defined options.  

SEO Search Engine Optimization

We need to think of the key words that will be used to search for the products, and ensure that these are included in our content. Magento also allows us to define the keywords as meta data for each product.

Think Like the Customer

It is important to think like the customer of the product, not like the manufacturer.  

Think Maintenance

We need a strategy to keep data up to date as new products are introduced.  The data import will not be a one off task.  We will need to determine how we are going to be able to maintain data with regular imports from other data systems such as excel, or sql databases.

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